3/5/19 Rule Clarifications

Do shooting strings need to be attached to the sidewall?

Yes. If a stick is strung with shooting strings, the pocket must have no more than two shooting strings which must be attached directly to the sidewalls. 

Reference: Pg. 15- Rule 2 Section 2 Art. 4

Is horizontal stick contact legal in USL play?

No. This would an Illegal Stick to Body Contact foul. 

NOTE: Horizontal position is defined as the head of the stick dropping below the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock position. 

Reference: Pg. 56- Rule 10 Section 1-r

What are the requirements for goalkeeper equipment?

The goalkeeper must have a helmet with face mask and properly secured chinstrap, separate throat protector, padded gloves, mouthpiece, chest protector, shin protection and padding on thighs. 

Reference: Pg. 18- Rule 2 Section 6 Art. 1

What’s the penalty administration for a dangerous follow-through?

If the ball enters the goal, it will NOT count as a goal. The shooter will be issued a yellow card and sit out for two minutes. The defender who was fouled will get the ball on the 8m. Play will be restarted with a whistle. 

What goggles are legal?

All eyewear must adhere to the new standard of ASTM 3077 to be regarded legal for play.  

Here is a list of all approved eyewear- https://www.uslacrosse.org/safety/equipment/approved-eyewear-list

Reference: Pg. 19- Rule 2-7 Art. 2

Do substitutes have to leave and/or enter through the sub area after goals?

Yes, all substitutions must be made through the substitution area. 

Reference: Pg. 32- Rule 4 Section 7 Art. 3

When can the defense engage during self-starts?

Play will commence once the player with the ball steps or passes.  Once play has commenced, defenders can engage in play with the ball carrier. 

Reference: Pg. 39- Rule 5 Section 4 Art. 2

Can the goalie carry the ball out of the goal circle and roll it back in?

If the goalie carries the ball out of the goal circle, she cannot intentionally return the ball to the goal circle until it has been played by another player.  

Played refers to an action where the ball leaves the player's crosse and is touched by another player, or her crosse is checked by another player, or play is stopped due to a foul by her opponent.  

NOTE: The ball does not need to be dislodged from the crosse for it to be considered played. 

Reference: Pg. 46- Section 1, Art. 3; Pg. 74- Rule 13-1

When clearing the penalty zone, can players be below the dots and above the end line?

Yes.  If the player's fastest way out of the penalty zone is towards the end line, she can be below the invisible line extending between the dots and above the end line.  

Reference: Pg. 74- Rule 13-1

If using unified field markings, what is the legal distance between GLE and restraining lines?

If a school is using a 120-yard unified field option, they may have only 25 yards between the goal line extended and restraining line instead of the traditional 30 yards.  

Reference: Pg. 14- Rule 1 Diagram 4

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